Educational Speaking


As a nationally known speaker and the co-author of multiple educational DVDs, I would love to share my knowledge, experience, enthusiasm, and passion with your organization. By bringing “THE JUICE” to my speaking style, I hope to inspire and educate sports performance coaches, thereby helping them better serve their athletes.

Topics I have spoken on include:

  • The Complete Warm-up
  • Speed and Agility Training for Today’s Athlete
  • Training the Female Athlete

Motivational Speaking


Drawing on my own personal experiences and my road to becoming a sports performance coach and business owner, I want to motivate athletes, coaches, sports performance coaches, and anyone looking to better themselves. Through my successes and failures, my highs and lows, my athletic / physical dominance and multiple injuries/surgeries, I have become the person I am today and a leader in the field of sports performance. I hope to inspire and motivate others to become leaders and live fulfilling lives full of love, caring, and service.

Groups I have worked with:

  • Sports teams
  • High Schools
  • Businesses

Coaching Business Consulting


I started Reach Your Potential Training (RYPT) in 2012 with 7 athletes and have since had over 5000 registrations. I co-developed the RYPT system, which has become nationally recognized as one of the top sports performance systems in the country. I have consulted with universities, colleges, and private sector coaches to help systemize and improve their programs.

The services I offer range from a one-hour Skype session to bringing me to your facility to personally work with you and your staff.

Javelin Coaching


As the 2008 Olympic Trials champion in the javelin, I have worked with some of the top Track and Field coaches in the world. The javelin is one of the most technical and difficult events in Track and Field, and unfortunately, there are not many people on our country who know how to coach it properly, therefore, our country does not regularly produce top javelin throwers and many of our throwers suffer significant injures to the shoulder and elbow due to poor technique. I hope to teach young throwers the proper techniques of throwing the javelin, thereby enabling them to have success in the sport as well as reducing their risk of injury.

The services I offer are:

  • Individual training
  • Group training
  • Bringing me in to run a camp

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